Sorry I'm responding so late - worked all night. The autoharp was more in tune last rehearsal than the one before, but it was technically out of tune. Yet it sounded excellent for practice - the playing itself was right on. (I'm a big fan of Big Star's 2nd and 3rd LPs, so tempo and tuning variations don't worry me, which is what I wanted to relay during "the questioning" at the last practice). Also, a) it's possible my vintage instrument is out of A 440 tune, b) I'm also a 420 operator, and c) I'm sure these details will be micromanaged after Memorial Day. Also, d) place "Westnedge Hillbillies" after "Don't Touch" in the set, move "Michigan Melissa" in front of "Come January" (after "Frodo", right?), and place "Sallie Mae" after "Frodo", so I guess that means "Michigan Melissa" follows "Sallie Mae" and precedes "Come January". Am I remembering the set correctly? You know I don't listen to it.

Vocals, Bass / Ron Casebeer
Vocals, Drums / John Kasdorf
Vocals, Keyboards / Karl Knack
Vocals, Guitar / Nathan McLaughlin
Vocals, Guitar / Mark Peeters
Vocals, Every Other Noise / Chris Simons